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Proud of Myself

Posted by Christopher on June 29, 2012 at 3:15 AM

I am so proud of myself right now. I just fixed a huge bug in all my games that caused all resources (images, sounds, etc) to be loaded twice. I had been trying to fix the bug for the past month at least. Now that the bug is fixed, I'm not nearly as hesitant to actually officially release at least 1 game.

I just have 2 things making me hesitant now.

1) I haven't created any music for any of my games. All my music has come from a popular royalty-free website. I would prefer if I could make my own music, so I will be learning how to make music next.

2) 30 Clicks should be the first game I release because it was the first game I made, but I also want to make an iOS version and release it at the same time. I've learned the basics of Objective-C and have XCode running, but my Hackintosh isn't working correctly right now. It acts weird in random ways when I plug anything into a USB port, whether it's a flash drive or an iPhone to test my code on. I want to be able to test my iOS game code on a device before I start truly making the game for iOS because it's MUCH easier to debug the code if you start early.

So, the next steps I'm going to be taking are learning to make game music and making an iOS version of 30 Clicks. Then I'll have my first official game release. In the meantime, I'll probably still make Alpha/Beta games and just not officially release them. That's exactly what I've been doing anyway :P

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