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Welcome to CMA Games!

This website is a place where I, Christopher (my initials are CMA), post the games (and now programs!) that I create.

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About Me

As an indie developer, making video games is just a hobby. If it turns into more, though, I'll gladly go with it.

I am currently a sophomore in college majoring in Computer Engineering. I enjoy doing just about anything with computers (building them, programming, playing video games, etc). It's been that way since I was maybe... 6? I can't remember. I'm not just a computer nerd, though ;) I also enjoy board games, snow skiing, and airsoft.

Programming languages I know (in no particular order):

  •  HTML: I know the basics. I can put together a simple website with some difficulty.
  • CSS: Same as HTML.
  • Java: The language I know best, probably because I've taken 2 years of it in high school. Wonderful language that runs on every platform.
  • C++: I know the syntax, but pointers kill me. Read below for how badly some of my C++ game attempts have failed because of memory problems.
  • C#: Don't really know the language, but I can easily program in it because I know Java well, and the two are so close with a little help from the internet.
  • TI-BASIC: I know it very well. The first language I actually knew almost everything in.

How I started making video games:

In my very early teens, I decided that I wanted to learn how to make video games. Being the patient kid that I was, I bought some programming books and decided to learn how to program before making games, rather than the other way around (which other young teens wrongly do). In addition to those books, I also took programming courses in school. Throughout all the learning, I lost focus on making video games and just wanted to know how to program in many different languages.

Then, in the summer of 2011 after my freshman year of college, I became friends with someone through YouTube (my channel). He mentioned that he wanted to start making games, and that was when my desire to make games re-emerged completely. I started looking up how to make games and was able to find different libraries for making 2D games.

I started making games with C++ because I thought it was the best way to make them, but every game I attempted to make would have memory problems to the point that even removing a printf statement, a statement that does nothing more than print text to the console, would cause memory errors. Next, I tried C#. I was able to make a level-editor using C#/XNA, but I found it more difficult than I would have liked.

At that point, I started thinking more rationally. The language I knew best was Java, and there were plenty of great game libraries in Java, so I should try to make a game in Java. Lo' and behold, I was able to make my first game easily. The game was called "30 Clicks". You can find it in the "Games" link in the navigation bar to the right. "30 Clicks" only took me 3 days to make up to version 0.1.0. After that, I added some features and polished it off.

So that is how I began making video games. Hope you enjoyed the read :)